Episode 118: Rewind with Ryan Lee
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Podcast with Nick and Kisma Show Notes: 
Rewind with Ryan Lee

Ryan is the founder of REWIND. And while he's got the 22+ year health and fitness background (Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology, Created world's fastest workout video, yada yada), he's obsessed with living a good life. Which includes helping his thousands of customers achieve their goals and spending as much time as humanly possible with his wife and four kids!

His Beginning (4:18)

Ryan started as an entrepreneur roughly 20 years ago when he was working full time in a children’s rehab hospital. He says he had some very big “ups” but about 8 years ago started to have very big “downs” in his life. It began when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 3 months later at age 63. 

Shortly thereafter, the family company went from millions of dollars in revenue to millions of dollars in debt. Ryan and his wife now had 4 children ranging in age from 4 to a newborn. Ryan had major stress in life during this period. He gained about 35 pounds which was a complete change from his lean years in football and track in school. 

Ryan’s joints began to hurt and about 6 months later doctors diagnosed him with Psoriatic Arthritis. His doctors wanted him to go on chemotherapy and he refused. He then began to change his routine to heal himself nutritionally. Listen as he describes his journey into healthy eating.

Rewind Superbar (8:24)

Ryan could not find a protein bar on the market that wasn’t full of sugar or that tasted really good and was still good for you. He decided to create one of his own. He started a company called Rewind about 4 weeks ago and it has taken off! They are selling thousands of bars. 

Although, Ryan says this is not about making money. He is helping others and receives testimonies to that fact. His bar contains 7 grams of fiber which helps stave hunger for several hours. Ryan’s goal was also to have fun in his company. He says Rewind is a happiness company.

Perspective is Key (14:24)

He comes from a family of hard workers and had wonderful guidance from his parents who allowed him to try what he wanted to do. After having worked in the children’s hospital and seeing young kids suffer, he really was able to put things into perspective. Ryan says, “Life has no choice. I’m going to make things work”! His main priority is his family. As long as they are happy and healthy, nothing else matters. He is coming from a place of service and doesn’t really care about material things.

How Ryan Lives in Reality (15:50)

Sometimes things are not going to happen as you want or as planned. Ryan says it really is all perspective but tactically speaking, he allows himself 5 or 10 minutes to get angry. He also says, he doesn’t live in a fairy land where things will magically get done either. You will actually have to take action to keep your business running. If things go wrong, you can get angry, feel it, move past it and “You get back up. What choice do you have?” He says you have to prepare be grateful every day.

“You have to prepare be grateful every day.” -Ryan Lee
The 80’s (24:57)

Ryan’s formative years were in the 80’s. He looks back with fond memories of this time. He says he had great parents and lived in a neighborhood with 110 homes with all kids his age. He remembers that after school, he and a bunch of friends would ride their bikes, set up forts and have rock fights. He stayed out and played until his mom would yell his name out for him to go home.

Today’s Generation (27:50)

Ryan notes how different things are for kids growing up today because of technology. He thinks it’s great but when he was having dinner in a restaurant with his family, he noticed 4 teens sitting across from them not talking but with their heads down using their phones. 

Kisma also mentions how her 23 year old daughter feels that the people a little younger than she is act as thought their phone is part of them. Ryan keeps the electronics in a safe and his kids are only allowed to use them at specific times. When he comes home from work, Ryan puts his cell phone in the kitchen and doesn’t bother with it until work the next day because he wants to be 100% with his family.

Ryan’s Start as an Entrepreneur (31:35)

Ryan was in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. He would go to the homes of young athletes to train them competitively. His part-time company started to take off so he began promoting it on the internet which helped him become the entrepreneur he is today. Fitness is still a big part of his life today.

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